Welcome to Voicecraft Collective

A coordinating channel for artful communication, living philosophy, and wiser action in the world.

Voicecraft Collective

Who are we?

Voicecraft Collective is a community that seeks to develop integrous relationships and wiser participation in the world. 

We invite you to join in synergistic artforms of communication, discovery, and learning.

What to expect

Interaction with curious and collaborative souls and the opportunity to develop artfulness in communication, spoken, written, and otherwise.

Collaborative sensemaking, discussion, and invitations to join in group dialogues and research communities.

To kindle, contribute to, and participate in the realisation of collective wisdom.

How to help build

There are many ways to help build this community and create an environment of learning, artistic and cultural generativity, and connection.

Currently, a primary way to find the others and cohere will be through group dialogues and discussion. 

But one arc of this project is to transform and deepen the questions most resonant in the zeitgeist and its undercurrent.

In the feeling toward that end, there will be careful experiments with large community events designed to dance with the question: how can we summon the wisdom required to effectively navigate this transitionary moment for humanity?

Many different hands, hearts, ears, minds, and voices are needed to steer that ship.

A guiding covenant

In this life of game-making,
as wanderers on the path,
as Beings here,

of life, in life, and for life:

We live each the dignity of choice,
aspire each to life lived well and fully,
and share each in the integrity of relationship.


Whack a bit of humility in there ;) -- these words are not chains. But they are an invitation to remember.

Much love.

The podcast

Voicecraft Collective is a network linked initially to the Voicecraft podcast -- though it is open to move beyond it. 

The Voicecraft podcast curates philosophical art with visionaries and resonant souls. These are experiments in synergy for seekers in the digital age.

Recurring themes include the relationship between science and spirituality; culture-making and wisdom; psychedelics and meaning; the metaphysics of what to care about; and the emergence of living archetypes.

Subscribe to the podcast here.

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